Preah Khan Temple

The most historical site present in This temple was built, in Angkor Cambodia for king Jayavarman VII, in the 12th century to honor his father. It had almost 100000 officials and servants and was considered the center of a substantial organization. Northeast of the Angkor Thom and west of the Jayatatakabaray are the locations where Preah Khan is located. When we talk about its architectural designit seems flat in design and has basic rectangular galleries which are around the Buddhist sanctuary. But these galleries are intricated by the Hindu satellite temples and many more additions. Preah khan temple has deteriorated with time and has been left unrestored.There are a lot of weeds, and useless vegetation and trees have grown in the ruins. This situation is the same exactly like Ta Prohm which is nearby to the temple Preah Khan.

In the year 1191, it was built on the site of Jayavarman VII’s victory over invading Chams. But previously it was occupied by the royal palaces of Yasovarman II and Tribhuvanadityavarman. The modern name which means “HOLY SWORD” is derived from the meaning of the original – Nagara Jayasri (holy city of victory).
A lot of considerable information regarding the history and administration of the temple can be gained from the foundation stela. There is the main image of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvarain in the form of the King’s father and it was dedicated in 1191. 430 other deities have shrines on the same site. Each receives clothing, food, perfume, and mosquito nets too. They also receive the temple’s gold, silver, and pearls and a cow with gilded horns.
The institution combined the roles of city, temple, and Buddhist university: there were 97,840 attendants and servants, including 1000 dancers and 1000 teachers.

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