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“Purchasing” - when a client buys a ticket online. The order of that purchase is done from the company’s website angkortickets.com

“Customer” or “client” – someone who uses the website to obtain the service provided by the company to buy the tickets online using their registered account that is confirmed by the company.

“Website” - angkorenterprise.org

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Our company, for the ANGKOR Pass, acts as an intermediary for all the clients who purchase the tickets online. As an agent, we provide quality.



When you reach the final step of purchasing the tickets, then the prices are confirmed. You have to click on the checkout button on the payment page if it is on the website.

At the last step of the order, the complete price of tickets will be shown in USD currency.

Sometimes it happens that the amount you pay is different from what is shown on the webpage of the site. As it can add some charges or feesdepending on the exchange rate applied to process the transaction.


There are several options through which you can make the payment for the online tickets. Provide your bank credit or debit card details as required to pay the complete price.

As soon as you complete the payment, you will receive a payment receipt and your ticket to your registered email ID sent automatically.

Still, if you find any error or any issue regarding your payment, you can contact the company angkortickets.com, and we will solve the problem conveniently.



The citizens of Cambodia cannot buy tickets online either through a website.

Only visitors of age 12 years at least or above can buy the tickets online.

A visitor can buy 5 tickets maximum on a single purchase.


The ticket type decides the price of a particular ticketeach time you buy one.

There are no extra charges over the prices of a selected ticket. Once the payment is done, you will receive the payment confirmation on your email ID.


These are electronically generated tickets bought either from the website. They are generated in the form of PDF format so it becomes easy for you to download, take a printout, or use anyhow.

This E-Ticket is asked to be shown at the entrance point for checking purposes.


There is a link to the website directly in the content and it also redirects you to “contact us”, the option is present on the home page or the login page of the website.

Tickets Prices:

1 Days Angkor Wat Temple Fee - USD 45 (37 Ticket Prices + USD 4 International Transaction Fee +4 Processing Fees = 45)

3 Days Angkor Wat Temple Fee - USD 72 (62 Ticket Prices + USD 4 International Transaction Fee + 6 Processing Fees = 72)

5 Days Angkor Wat Temple Fee - USD 82 (82 Ticket Prices + USD 4 International Transaction Fee + 6 Processing Fees = 82)

1 Day Kohker Temple Fee - USD 20 (15 Ticket Prices + USD 2 International Transaction Fess + 3 Processing Fees = 20)

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